We at Through The Lens Photography have a team of two photographers, Derek van der Merwe and Riana van der Merwe.

Derek is an IT specialist and thus somebody that pays special attention to small detail so that the end result will be a flawless project. Riana on the other hand is an artist who often looks at the bigger picture to give the end result of a project a certain feel.

This makes the combination of them ideal as photographers. Being siblings also make them understand each other much better than any other male/female combined photographers.

Each photography project thus gets planned in great detail beforehand. Through The Lens Photography specialise in wedding photography but also does model photography as well as studio work and a number of different events.

Terms and Conditions of use: All photographs are copyright of the photographers of Through The Lens Photography and may not be copied of used without the proper acknowledgements. Please remember that the photographers have families to feed.